A downloadable game for Windows

Multiplayer party game with gameplay similar to Warioware & Geometry Wars. Gameplay theme: frequency analysis and music equalization. Enjoy your music in a new way and aim for the top of the leaderboards!

# Feature List

  • Simple, but challenging and fun gameplay
  • Local multiplayer (1-4 players) + working on online integration with Steamworks multiplayer
  • Full controller support (using Rewired)
  • Music influences the gameplay
  • Steamworks integration for leaderboards, achievements, and more!

The original single player runner build will stay up but plan to update with a newer build when it's more complete.  Stay tuned! 

Install instructions

Currently FF is on v1.0.7 for all of the standalone builds. You just need to unzip the files and then run the universal or appropriate 32bit/64bit executable located within. I recommend using Audacity to convert MP3s to OGGs or WAVs.

Other than that setup should be pretty self-explanatory. Enjoy. :D


Old Windows Build - FreqFlux Alpha V1.0.7 90 MB